Saturday, April 14, 2012

Self-entitlement and laziness

A lot of the recent forum discussions seem to be heating up regarding PVP players forcing PVP on PVE players who have no interest in doing anything other than PVE.  A significant portion of this argument seems to focus around PVE players having the attitude of "if I want to be left alone, I should be left alone."  Without delving into the argument on whether or not hisec should be safe, its hard for me to look at their arguments without seeing a certain sense of entitlement.  They feel like they should be able to maximize their ISK making activities and take offense at anyone who prevents them from doing so.  While I understand the fact that some people don't want to PVP at all and have no interest in PVPing whatsoever, its still a fixture of EVE and something that you need to take into account with whatever you do.  Whenever I run missions, I make sure that my Tengu doesn't cost anymore than it needs to to get the job done, same goes for whenever I plex.  Sure this might mean that i'm not maximizing my ISK/hr, but its also being smart and not putting myself at anymore risk than I need to.

Most importantly, its part of the effort of doing PVE safely and represents the bigger picture of understanding what game you're playing and the realities of the situation.  Claiming that you were minding your own business and only want to mind your own business in an MMO is just a terrible mindset to have.  Go play a single player game if you don't want to have to interact with other players.

I think that to a certain degree, PVP players shouldn't be able to forcibly assert their will on PVE players to the point of completely ruining their game, but with that being said I think that unless you completely stupidproof things for the PVE players, they'll continue to victimize themselves and believe in their own false helplessness.  I understand that you only want to learn PVE activities, but you're not playing PVE online, you're playing EVE Online and that means that you need to understand at least some basic rudimentary PVP aspects and how to properly defend yourself.

I can't help but feel like a lot of these PVE players are people that expect things to be handed out to them in real life and refuse to actually work for what they want.  When you remember that people are always people, and EVE is no different this makes more and more sense.  These are the people who open up their own business in a bad part of town that constantly gets robbed and refuse to accept the fact that maybe they should have done more research on the area of town they opened up their store.  They complain that the police should do more to make that area safe and they just want to make money.  They refuse to accept the fact that maybe if they are going to attempt to operate business in that area that they should invest in a good security system or hire a security guard, because that would be "too much work" and they believe that isn't something that a business owner should have to do.

While the argument I presented above puts the good guys and bad guys into clear cut definitions, and clearly defines good/bad parts of town, the point regarding their attitude remains the same and that is one of laziness and unwillingness to do what is required in order to be successful and when they experience setbacks that they didn't take into account, they're unwilling to accept the reality that they might not have thought all the things through because the issues they're encountering are things they think they shouldn't have to deal with.

These are the people who get hired for a job and then complain when they're asked by their boss to do something outside of their job description or the responsibilities they were originally hired on to perform.  They complain that if they wanted to have to do those activities they wouldn't have taken the job in the first place, which honestly is just a terrible attitude to have.

The fact is, many of these players are not as helpless as they think they are, yet its all part of a myth that people perpetuate as a way of covering up their own shortcomings or shortsightedness.  There are many people who are able to rise above and be successful, despite the difficulties involved, yet in a day and age where many people feel self-entitled to be successful and in a society where everyone is a winner, many people can't deal with these facts.

After reading lots of these posts, I can't help but feel like they're the people who sue fast food restaurants for being too unhealthy.  The people who blame other people for their being fat, yet are unwilling to actually exercise or eat healthy because "healthy food tastes bad" and "they don't have time to exercise".

Sorry to break it to you son, but its probably time for a lifestyle and attitude change.

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