Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laziness, immaturity, and rage are directly proportional

Speaking of laziness, here are some lovely chat logs from someone who thought that autopiloting a stealth bomber during a war dec was a good idea and got killed by an alliance mate.  

Of course he was in a ship that should have never been caught had he actually been flying it.  
Of course killing AFK players on autopilot is "faggotry", because if a target isn't difficult enough a kill you should just let it go..

[18:44:51] Sniperzzz > hi
[18:44:54] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > Mother fucker, ill rape you over and over again for that
[18:45:00] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > till eve dies
[18:45:15] Sniperzzz > whats up buddy
[18:45:39] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > il piss on your grave and kill all your kids, fuck all of you
[18:46:06] Sniperzzz > i take it your a little mad atm
[18:47:25] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > killin afk, is faggotery, il get you for that, pay me back my implants or il make sure eve looses its fun for you motherfucker
[18:48:07] Sniperzzz > but you were on auto pilot while at war ...was that wise
[18:48:28] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > just started
[18:48:48] Sniperzzz > ahh then a lesson learnt
[18:48:59] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > i doont see my wallet blinkin jet, added to rape list

And we're considered the people who are toxic to the game...right.  If we keep people like this out of the game, then consider what we do a public service.  Imagine an EVE where all the immature WoW gamers didn't ragequit because EVE was "too hard."  Don't get me wrong, i'll give new players their T2 loot back lots of times if they ask nicely, but with people like this all bets are off.  I mean really, who says shit like that?

Remember kids, theres a reason why despite being full of "scoundrels" EVE's player base is still light years more mature than any other gaming community.

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