Monday, April 9, 2012

People are dumb, really really dumb

In resposne to my "Save Jita | Take Hisec Back" initiative, i've noticed people who while definitely pro-carebear/anti-griefer are completely apathetic to the event itself and Goonswarm's Incursion upon hisec.  Their view is that it won't impact them because they don't go to Jita except to buy stuff, some of them even look forward to it because they plan on bringing a salvager and cashing in on all the sweet wrecks provided by Goonswarm.

I can't SMH hard enough to this attitude and overall stupidity.  These are the people that think that Hulkageddon is a cool idea that doesn't really effect them and brush it off by saying they'll do something else, but then bitch about mineral prices a week into the event.  I heard one person say specifically they planned on bringing a Noctis to the event so they could salvage all the Goonswarm wrecks.  Derp, let me know how that goes.

I wonder what these people are like in a real world setting.  I would imagine them to be the Jewish restaurant owner who refuses to evacuate Poland in the face of an incoming Nazi invasion.  He fancies himself a savvy entrepreneur and absentmindedly waves off the warnings, telling his detractors that this is a great business opportunity and that all those hungry German soldiers will need to eat somewhere!

I don't think you can define the term "outsmarting yourself" any further than these guys already have.  As much as I hope these guys die on the 28th, I think that even if they get killed their stupidity won't allow them to register just where they went wrong.

After all, minerals are free as long as you mine them right?


  1. Well really....what CAN you do? You can't aggress in a .9 system or _you_ end up CONCORDED and the Goons just trololololol as they alpha ships away.

    Hell, in a .9 system CONCORD would probably pop a gankfit before you could even lock and fire a shot to whore the KM.

    I will say though that I stand 100% by your idea of giving people the option to fight back, or even strike first, if they know someone's gunning for them.
    Just, as much as we may like it, it isn't going to happen. :-/

    1. Lol, you are so bittervet bro.

      I dunno, i'm still trying to get RvB to join in, but they haven't responded to any of my mails yet, which is disappointing because this has the potential to turn into a truly special hisec event.

    2. It comes naturally, sadly. I've always been a Cynic, long as I can remember... ;-)
      Btw I saw you dec'd us again... Just for lulz I take it?? We have no interest in Burning Jita, in fact a few of us wanted to go whore Goonie klillmails with Velators or something equally ridiculous for our own lulz. :-D

  2. Good luck with the wardecs. You may get the rest of the coalition to come fight you.

  3. I am pretty new to Eve so I am curious to hear your thoughts on how high sec carebears should fight back.

    By April 28th the new war dec rules will be in place so deccing the Goons will be far more expensive than most corps will be able to afford. Even if they can afford it, the Goons have had well over a month to train out-of-corp suicide ganking alts for the event.

    Suicide ganking Goons will hurt high sec players relatively more because Goons as an alliance are fairly wealthy from years of scamming, tech moons, etc. Plus there is the negative sec status to consider.

    For myself I am planning on getting as many thrashers as I can fitted up beforehand and having at it without a war dec. I doubt I will get even a single kill mail (never tried ganking before) but my goal is to enjoy myself. If you have suggestions for a better way I would love to hear them.

    1. The new dec rules won't take place until the actual Inferno patch. We're gonna fight them oldschool style with war decs.

      I think that you would be better off joining our organized efforts than attempting to suicide gank them. You'll just end up burning sec status for nothing.