Friday, April 20, 2012

Clowns and pies

No super original content today, though I would like to highlight a good perspective that Iam Widdershins of Project Nemesis made regarding Highsec.

In nullsec and lowsec, it's little posses of circus clowns in different colored uniforms, chasing each other about and creaming each other with pies having a jolly time. Sometimes fifty clowns will jump out of a dumpster and maul ten clowns, and that's OK. Sometimes eight hundred clowns will come galloping down the street and absolutely pulverize that poor gang of fifty clowns. But that's all fine, because out there everyone is required to wear a clown nose and all the other clowns already know what's going on. 
But in hisec, there are hundreds of normal people who are not clowns at all. You might walk into a big room with two hundred people and not see any other clowns at all. But if you're from nullsec, sometimes there will be a few clowns in the room or in rooms nearby trying to pie you. This sounds like it could be fun as long as you don't accidentally pie a policeman or something.
To the nullsec clown's neverending frustration, it often turns out to be very different. Sometimes -dozens- of those normal people milling about are actively aiding and abetting the clowns that are hunting you. None of your own friends could ever be seen in normal garb or they would be ostracized, so you find yourself outnumbered and bewildered. You are surrounded by civilians whose faces you don't know, and if you ever get into a scrap with the enemy clown you'll probably get pushed about while he pies you and all his plainclothes friends knock your own pies out of your hand and jeer, putting on their own clown noses for fifteen minutes and running away. 
If you bring enough friends you could probably come up with some tactics that might work sometimes, maybe bring some long sticks to push them away, but it takes a lot of dedication and you never know that they won't just get more plainclothes friends.


  1. To those of you that didn't see the original context:

    This is part of an explanation/argument of why the current "neutral logi" situation in hisec is so looked-down upon by players not native to the region, and why it's going to be good for this to change. I hope there is actually a realization that the changes to neutral logistics (flagging them to everyone, not just their buddy's targets) can actually salvage the whole environment.

    tl;dr Yes, neutral logistics are kind of unfair. I look forward to this being fixed.

  2. I think you guys may be on to something.

    We could get some serious carebear buy-in to PvP if all ships came with a "clown nose" rig and pie launchers... :-D

    Now if only we WERE all clowns, and could throw pies at anyone .... ;-)