Friday, April 20, 2012

Clowns and pies

No super original content today, though I would like to highlight a good perspective that Iam Widdershins of Project Nemesis made regarding Highsec.

In nullsec and lowsec, it's little posses of circus clowns in different colored uniforms, chasing each other about and creaming each other with pies having a jolly time. Sometimes fifty clowns will jump out of a dumpster and maul ten clowns, and that's OK. Sometimes eight hundred clowns will come galloping down the street and absolutely pulverize that poor gang of fifty clowns. But that's all fine, because out there everyone is required to wear a clown nose and all the other clowns already know what's going on. 
But in hisec, there are hundreds of normal people who are not clowns at all. You might walk into a big room with two hundred people and not see any other clowns at all. But if you're from nullsec, sometimes there will be a few clowns in the room or in rooms nearby trying to pie you. This sounds like it could be fun as long as you don't accidentally pie a policeman or something.
To the nullsec clown's neverending frustration, it often turns out to be very different. Sometimes -dozens- of those normal people milling about are actively aiding and abetting the clowns that are hunting you. None of your own friends could ever be seen in normal garb or they would be ostracized, so you find yourself outnumbered and bewildered. You are surrounded by civilians whose faces you don't know, and if you ever get into a scrap with the enemy clown you'll probably get pushed about while he pies you and all his plainclothes friends knock your own pies out of your hand and jeer, putting on their own clown noses for fifteen minutes and running away. 
If you bring enough friends you could probably come up with some tactics that might work sometimes, maybe bring some long sticks to push them away, but it takes a lot of dedication and you never know that they won't just get more plainclothes friends.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Real life consequences for in game actions

A day or so ago, Jester made a post about some poor chap in a Hel who got scammed by some corpmates who convinced him to by GTCs for the sole purpose of pimping out his Hel so they could kill it.  Needless to say it elicited some interesting responses and spawned this reddit thread.

While I would have to say that that level of meta game scamming is past even what my own desensitizeed EVE persona finds acceptable, I want to state that it was still an in-game action and as such, real life consequences should not be applied.  Outside the whirlwind of media frenzy that Jester spawned lies a mob people who have gotten on this moral high horse spree, down voting anyone who suggests that a game is just a game and people should only be protected from their own stupidity to a certain degree.  I'm sorry, but suggesting that stupid gamers should be protected from their own stupidity via real life consequences for those who might take advantage of them is absurd.

According to  Jester-logic, if you ransom someone and they buy GTCs to pay for the ransom and you blow them up anyways you should be banned and possibly recieve real life punishment.

This is dangerous thinking, because within the greater context of gaming and cyber bullying these attitudes can have some rather serious slippery slope ramifications.  At what point does a game cease being a game?  At what point do real life consequences begin for in game actions?  While people say that this is different because the scammers had him buy GTCs for the sole purpose of them killing the mods he bought with them, its a very thin line that has the potential to cross into all other aspects of EVE "scamming".  Imagine making a post informing people they should buy Zydrine since its about to shoot up in price, trying to get people to create a speculation bubble that you can cash in on, and then gettting banned from the game and going to jail for a year because your in-game action caused all the people who invested in your attempt to cash in, real life loss.  I know thats an extremely extreme example, but the thing to remember is that often times once you show you're willing to set a certain precedent, you throw the floodgates wide open.

Imagine a world where you can potentially face jailtime for typing something in game sarcastically or with a tone that got lost due to being written.  Imagine a world where trash talking in Xbox can potentially get you real life jailtime.  Imagine a world where sitting down to play your favorite video game can end with a police car showing up at your house and taking you away.

A lot of people are getting behind Jester's post and reddit is downvoting the shit out of anyone who suggests that a game is a game.  This is disturbing because it reminds me quite a bit of the ultra conservative groups of mothers out there that would love to see video games super regulated in the same manner these people are suggesting.  I hear in Arizona they're trying to make trolling a punishable crime, true story.


One last thing, am I the only one who noticed that Jester is arbitrarily choosing his sense of morality and justice despite his sensationalism of the article?

"EDIT (13/Apr/2012): Just to be very clear: my accusation of fraud and EULA/TOS violations extends only to those players -- if any -- who talked this pilot into spending real money on GTCs and then spending the resulting ISK on his super-cap fitting.  Helicity says that he is not one of those people and I believe that.  The pilots of Stop Exploding You Cowards should be examined more closely."

Sure the people directly involved are bad, but Jester defends Helicity because he wasn't one of the people talking the guy into buying GTCs, he just supported them blowing the guy's ship up despite knowing about the scam.  I'm pretty sure if you're going to get into an extreme morality discussion chock full of accusations, being an all knowing accomplice makes you just as bad as the actual perpetrator.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laziness, immaturity, and rage are directly proportional

Speaking of laziness, here are some lovely chat logs from someone who thought that autopiloting a stealth bomber during a war dec was a good idea and got killed by an alliance mate.  

Of course he was in a ship that should have never been caught had he actually been flying it.  
Of course killing AFK players on autopilot is "faggotry", because if a target isn't difficult enough a kill you should just let it go..

[18:44:51] Sniperzzz > hi
[18:44:54] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > Mother fucker, ill rape you over and over again for that
[18:45:00] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > till eve dies
[18:45:15] Sniperzzz > whats up buddy
[18:45:39] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > il piss on your grave and kill all your kids, fuck all of you
[18:46:06] Sniperzzz > i take it your a little mad atm
[18:47:25] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > killin afk, is faggotery, il get you for that, pay me back my implants or il make sure eve looses its fun for you motherfucker
[18:48:07] Sniperzzz > but you were on auto pilot while at war ...was that wise
[18:48:28] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > just started
[18:48:48] Sniperzzz > ahh then a lesson learnt
[18:48:59] StillSomeSkillS Chosen > i doont see my wallet blinkin jet, added to rape list

And we're considered the people who are toxic to the game...right.  If we keep people like this out of the game, then consider what we do a public service.  Imagine an EVE where all the immature WoW gamers didn't ragequit because EVE was "too hard."  Don't get me wrong, i'll give new players their T2 loot back lots of times if they ask nicely, but with people like this all bets are off.  I mean really, who says shit like that?

Remember kids, theres a reason why despite being full of "scoundrels" EVE's player base is still light years more mature than any other gaming community.

Self-entitlement and laziness

A lot of the recent forum discussions seem to be heating up regarding PVP players forcing PVP on PVE players who have no interest in doing anything other than PVE.  A significant portion of this argument seems to focus around PVE players having the attitude of "if I want to be left alone, I should be left alone."  Without delving into the argument on whether or not hisec should be safe, its hard for me to look at their arguments without seeing a certain sense of entitlement.  They feel like they should be able to maximize their ISK making activities and take offense at anyone who prevents them from doing so.  While I understand the fact that some people don't want to PVP at all and have no interest in PVPing whatsoever, its still a fixture of EVE and something that you need to take into account with whatever you do.  Whenever I run missions, I make sure that my Tengu doesn't cost anymore than it needs to to get the job done, same goes for whenever I plex.  Sure this might mean that i'm not maximizing my ISK/hr, but its also being smart and not putting myself at anymore risk than I need to.

Most importantly, its part of the effort of doing PVE safely and represents the bigger picture of understanding what game you're playing and the realities of the situation.  Claiming that you were minding your own business and only want to mind your own business in an MMO is just a terrible mindset to have.  Go play a single player game if you don't want to have to interact with other players.

I think that to a certain degree, PVP players shouldn't be able to forcibly assert their will on PVE players to the point of completely ruining their game, but with that being said I think that unless you completely stupidproof things for the PVE players, they'll continue to victimize themselves and believe in their own false helplessness.  I understand that you only want to learn PVE activities, but you're not playing PVE online, you're playing EVE Online and that means that you need to understand at least some basic rudimentary PVP aspects and how to properly defend yourself.

I can't help but feel like a lot of these PVE players are people that expect things to be handed out to them in real life and refuse to actually work for what they want.  When you remember that people are always people, and EVE is no different this makes more and more sense.  These are the people who open up their own business in a bad part of town that constantly gets robbed and refuse to accept the fact that maybe they should have done more research on the area of town they opened up their store.  They complain that the police should do more to make that area safe and they just want to make money.  They refuse to accept the fact that maybe if they are going to attempt to operate business in that area that they should invest in a good security system or hire a security guard, because that would be "too much work" and they believe that isn't something that a business owner should have to do.

While the argument I presented above puts the good guys and bad guys into clear cut definitions, and clearly defines good/bad parts of town, the point regarding their attitude remains the same and that is one of laziness and unwillingness to do what is required in order to be successful and when they experience setbacks that they didn't take into account, they're unwilling to accept the reality that they might not have thought all the things through because the issues they're encountering are things they think they shouldn't have to deal with.

These are the people who get hired for a job and then complain when they're asked by their boss to do something outside of their job description or the responsibilities they were originally hired on to perform.  They complain that if they wanted to have to do those activities they wouldn't have taken the job in the first place, which honestly is just a terrible attitude to have.

The fact is, many of these players are not as helpless as they think they are, yet its all part of a myth that people perpetuate as a way of covering up their own shortcomings or shortsightedness.  There are many people who are able to rise above and be successful, despite the difficulties involved, yet in a day and age where many people feel self-entitled to be successful and in a society where everyone is a winner, many people can't deal with these facts.

After reading lots of these posts, I can't help but feel like they're the people who sue fast food restaurants for being too unhealthy.  The people who blame other people for their being fat, yet are unwilling to actually exercise or eat healthy because "healthy food tastes bad" and "they don't have time to exercise".

Sorry to break it to you son, but its probably time for a lifestyle and attitude change.

Monday, April 9, 2012

People are dumb, really really dumb

In resposne to my "Save Jita | Take Hisec Back" initiative, i've noticed people who while definitely pro-carebear/anti-griefer are completely apathetic to the event itself and Goonswarm's Incursion upon hisec.  Their view is that it won't impact them because they don't go to Jita except to buy stuff, some of them even look forward to it because they plan on bringing a salvager and cashing in on all the sweet wrecks provided by Goonswarm.

I can't SMH hard enough to this attitude and overall stupidity.  These are the people that think that Hulkageddon is a cool idea that doesn't really effect them and brush it off by saying they'll do something else, but then bitch about mineral prices a week into the event.  I heard one person say specifically they planned on bringing a Noctis to the event so they could salvage all the Goonswarm wrecks.  Derp, let me know how that goes.

I wonder what these people are like in a real world setting.  I would imagine them to be the Jewish restaurant owner who refuses to evacuate Poland in the face of an incoming Nazi invasion.  He fancies himself a savvy entrepreneur and absentmindedly waves off the warnings, telling his detractors that this is a great business opportunity and that all those hungry German soldiers will need to eat somewhere!

I don't think you can define the term "outsmarting yourself" any further than these guys already have.  As much as I hope these guys die on the 28th, I think that even if they get killed their stupidity won't allow them to register just where they went wrong.

After all, minerals are free as long as you mine them right?

There is no spoon

Why i play an 'evil' person in EVE, because none of the other options are fun to me...being a single cog in a giant machine and having to deal with egomaniacs isn't fun at all, thats like work..industrial stuff, not fun...lowsec? don't wanna be flashy red.

Highsec guys get criticism for only wanting to shoot people that don't shoot back, but it really has more to do with whats fun.  I don't hate them.  I do find myself wishing we'd have more targets come to fight, but the problem is oftentimes they'll bring 10-20 man blob and we'll only have 1-2 people logged on.  A lot of times we wouldn't mind taking that fight just because we're so bored, but when they bring more Falcons than we have people, even with ECCM, theres not much you can do.

A lot of people then ask about teaching instead of destroying people..sure I could help and teach new players, why should I do this?  This isn't fun to me either, it has nothing to do with being a bully in EVE, it has to do with this is the most fun for me in game.  Waiting 45 minutes for a fleet to form up so we can go on a roam and then another 15 minutes for the guy who is "a few jumps out", then an hr later I don't even have time.

People get so offended when you violence their boat and can't understand why so the come up with their own reasons, calling the other person an e-thug or bully.  Why am I a bully for logging in to play a game that is fun to me rather than be expected to log in to not have fun?  By that logic if I were a good person, I would just not play EVE at all, because the only fun playstyle for me involves potentially upsetting someone else.  An alliance mate compared the huge single losses that we're known to dish out as losing your lvl 90 character on Diablo II hardcore mode.  I think thats a good analogy.

EVE is just a game.  Sure there is a real person behind the other side of the screen, but its just a game and i'm going to play in a way that is fun to me.  It doesn't mean i'm a bully or a bad person.  You wouldn't call the group of old guys that have been playing together for years and dominate the pickup basketball courts every Wednesday  at the YMCA griefers or bullys just because their level of skill is higher than everyone else there.  You wouldn't point out to them that if they wanted real competition that they could play in local tournaments or find a competitive league to play in.  In fact, if you complained saying that their prevent you from getting more games in and getting better, you would get laughed at.  The fact is, they're having fun and you're not, so you have to find something wrong with it.  Some people don't care about playing the best possible competition all the time, some people just want to play the damn game and have the most fun while doing it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Before I start this thread, I want to make it clear that i'm not claiming that i'm some amazing PVPer by any means.  I am, however, a much better PVPer than the majority of people who post comments on the forums and EVE blogs.  With that out of the way, here goes.

Since there have been a ton of comments regarding neutral logi lately with all the crimewatch discussion i've noticed a common theme.  Most nullsec guys seem to think that we're unskilled and uncreative with our PVP because we use neutral logi which is "uncounterable".  While I admit it is a somewhat cheesy tactic just like Falcon alts in lowsec, as I read their comments, I can't help but think that these are some of the most uncreative and inexperienced EVE players I've ever seen in my life.  In fact, I would wager that most of the people commenting are just repeating something they heard someone else say.

I said it in a previous blog post, but neutral logi is really really really easy to counter.  This, combined with the bears complete lack of shame in abusing game mechanics is why we don't feel bad using it.  Hisec groups have known the counter for neutral logi for a really really long time.  Heavy neuts and sensor damps, DONE, its over, you don't need anything else.  Hell, if you're fighting on a gate even just shooting the logi works great lots of times.  Many times we've killed Guardians before their user could jump through the gate or redock, due to a combination of multibox latency and being horrible failfits designed to function without a cap buddy.  A lot of hisec logi fits don't have ECCM, for example.

I guess to some people, the thought of doing something other than hitting F1 on a primary and orbiting an anchor is too much for them to handle.

I've had situations where groups have brought 2 Falcons and 10 DPS characters when we've only had 3-4 combat mains and maybe two logi alts on our side.  These people are bringing in TWO FUCKING FALCONS to fight 3-4 people, enough Falcons to easily jam out our entire gang.  Then, when they welp the entire fleet including the Falcons and we lose nothing, they complain that we're cheap because we used neutral logi and they tried bringing Falcons in, but even those didn't work.  Then, they proceed to go post everywhere and tell all their friends about how neutral logistics are overpowered because they had two Falcons and more numbers and still lost.

They don't mention the fact that their Falcons were trying to jam from 50km against Amarr battleships.
They don't mention the fact that they put their neuts on our battleships instead of the logistics ships.
They don't mention the fact that their blob of ECM drones actually had one of our Guardians jammed out the entire time.

No, the only thing they mention is that they died and there was neutral logi on the field, so that must be the reason they lost.  Its like the girl who continually gets broken up with because she's a selfish bitch, yet is unable to consciously accept the fact that she might actually be a selfish bitch, and instead concludes that she can't be the one to blame and it must be the guy's fault.  Meanwhile, all of her friends console her by affirming that things aren't her fault and she is beautiful and awesome and is so much better than the guy and he is missing out.  The EVE version of this is the self-proclaimed amazing FC whose ego can't accept the fact that he welped the fleet because he made poor tactical decisions and confidently tells the gang that they would have won if it wasn't for the terrible neutral RR.  Meanwhile, his gang of F1 pressers don't know enough about game mechanics to realize on their own that the FC is a dumbass and due to the confidence in the FC's voice this becomes their vindication.

Most of us dual or triplebox logi.  Its really hard to micromanage and fly as effectively as a real logistics pilot under those conditions and against other merc outfits, our alts tend to lose lots of logi ships.  When you've got two logi pilots tabbed with a combat main, it doesn't take a lot of DPS to chew through a logistics ship before you can tab over, broadcast reps, and then receive reps from the other logi that are either in seperate windows or tabbed themselves.  Recently, when we were shooting TEST a week ago, they complained that we had 5 Guardians, which then became 8, and then eventually phantom 10 Guardians.  We had 3 Guardians, that was all.  They had a fleet of over 35 Tornados with Cruiser/Destroyer support.  We had a fleet with an Abaddon, Armageddon, Absolution, Myrmidon, Proteus, and Typhoon.  In the BR on EN24 they complained about how we cheated by losing tons of neut logi and how thats the only reason we won.  I'm sorry, but I wouldn't even say that we won that battle, rather they lost it for themselves.  Even with their terribad fits and shit fitting skills, they had enough DPS to alpha our neut logi off the field the second it started repping.  They could have probably volleyed the Myrmidon, same with the Abso, maybe two shooted the Typhoon/Geddon.  Instead they went after the ship with the smallest sig and highest resists, literally the only ship they probably couldn't have alpha'd off the field.  To put this in perspective they had more than enough alpha to kill a freighter before CONCORD kills them, which they did 20 or so minutes later and they think the reason they lost was because of our neutral logi.  I'm sorry, but if you decide to go all in on the most expensive ship hoping for a juicy killmail, when you aren't able to kill it, you can't really blame anyone but yourself.  Likewise, if you're playing poker and you go all-in on a shitty hand that you have no business betting everything on and lose, they think they lost because the flops didn't go their way.  In reality, they lost because they made a decision that was poor and risky.

I don't know why people seem that we'll be completely terrible without neutral logi and won't change anything about our flying style.  We'll adapt and and everyone else will continue to die.  These are probably the same people who said Titans would be useless once they lost the area DD, and then said Titans would be useless yet once again when their DD was changed to only be able to target capital ships before blap Titans.

You wanna know one of the main reasons people use neutral logi in hisec?  Its because you can double it as a scout and allows you to fill two roles with one character.  Under the new war dec system, the only change will most likely be moving your logi in corp, and then running an additional scouting character.  A bit more of a hassle, but unless they do something about the real issue, logistics ships as a force multiplier in small gang situations, nothing will change as much as they think.  We have and always will rely on alts heavily.  Why?  Because you always have yourself to rely on, versus sitting in station spinning your ship waiting for the right pieces to log on.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We don't go into hisec anyways..

I remember a time when nullsec alliances said they didn't care at all about hisec war decs because they're all in hisec.  Most recently a fellow alliance member got yelled at by some grunt in -A- during the War Dec Roundtable at fanfest who proudly proclaimed, "YOU GUYS DON'T MATTER TO US, WE DONT GO INTO HISEC ANYWAYS!!"  A few weeks later, we caused them as many hisec losses as they had in nullsec.  Large alliances used to claim they didn't care.  Now they can't but help post their support of built in dec shields.  They reply with comments about how if hisec war deccers want to shoot at large null alliances they should have to come to nullsec to force the issue.  That sounds like someone who is scared, someone who doesn't know how to fight without an FC feeding them every single command, someone who requires an intel channel to stay safe and find out about incoming gangs.  In contrast, most of our fleets rarely have a formal FC, even in the rare but large fleet fights we have the FC is really just a target caller since we all know what to do beforehand.  We have an intel channel, but we don't rely on someone elses intel before jumping through a gate.  If someone reports a target in intel we all immediately go after it and scout ourselves individually the way there, versus nullsec alliances who take the time to form a gang up and usually end up disbanding the fleet because the target is "too far away" by the time they get organized.  The point i'm trying to make is, the groups that actually know how to PVP generally don't spend the time bitching on forums about the only way to deal with war decs is to nerf the mechanics because they spend their time doing something about it, like when draketrain came to hisec and punched our shit in...with fucking Drakes.

I find it funny how many nullsec guys claim that hisec guys don't know how to PVP, when most of them don't undock unless an FC calls for a fleet to form up and its the FC who gets you killed.  I'm sorry, but if you have to wait for a fleet to form up before you do anything then you have no right to criticize someone else's ability to PVP.  The second a ship comes down a pipe, every hisec guy at least in MT instantly knows how their ship will match up against it, where to position themselves, and how to properly fly that ship against the incoming target.

My second complaint is all these large nullsec alliances complaining that war decs are pointless and they're just a game mechanic that just encourages "griefing" (killing someone who doesn't want to be killed) for no reason.  Since when did a game mechanic become pointless because the main way that its used is the enabling of pixels to be exploded.  Since when did you need a reason to kill anyone?  Space-bushido shit is one thing, but this is just ridiculous.  To the people arguing that violence like that is pointless, ok then, see how much you enjoy an EVE where everyone has all the ships they want and several billions tucked away in their wallet.  The point is the true endgame of EVE is PVP and the blowing up of pixels.

I'm confident that the new war dec changes bring something new and interesting for us, but I don't think that the kind of small scale conflict and making mercs particularly viable will happen.  I'm glad they have a formal method of allowing mercs to join on a war now, but the issue is the high barrier of entry into the merc trade.  As it stands now there's an extremly big divide between level of quality between merc groups and its instantly apparently who you're going up against.  For example, when a quality merc/hisec dec unit goes against a mediocre or just starting one, the new group usually gets their face punched in.  On the other hand when groups that use the same tactics go up against each other, it usually ends up in a stalemate. For example, back in the day when MT would get dec'd by Snatch the war usually went like the following: One side would get a kill against someone who hadn't quite switched themselves out of "fly casual/look for traps" mode, after that first kill, both sides usually avoid each other until the end of the war when someone on the other side gets overconfident and loses an equally expensive ship and the war ends up at 50% efficiency with maybe 1-2 kills on each side.  Boring.  And its not something that can really be changed we know all their alts to scout, we have everyone watchlisted, they have the same for us, its boring.

Theres been a common belief that hisec players have no skill.  We might not be able to kite like other people, we might not use advanced blob tactics, but what sets us apart is our ability to scout and position ourselves effectively.  In nullsec you have the drag bubble, in hisec you have nothing like that.  For anyone that says that using RSB alts is easy mode, but in nullsec you can literally sit on a drag bubble and the targets warp to you.  Even if they're stabbed you still have ample time for your entire gang to get tackle.  What about cloaky targets jumping into you?  Well just throw a bubble up and let your ceptor have all the time in the world to get a decloak.  In hisec, with client/server lag even if you get a perfect decloak if the target can align under 5 seconds he'll probably get away, DESPITE having an instalocking ship with RSB.   But I digress, going back to scouting, In MT everyone flies with a scout, everyone knows what they're jumping into, we have all the in gates covered, many times two jumps out.  You guys may say that this is playing EVE on easymode and doesn't take skill, but the nullsec guys have intel channels, and most nullsec guys couldn't scout a gang like we could if their life depended on it.  We have to be self-sufficient and saying that 5 guys each scouting themselves with alts and knowing everything within a 1-2 jump sphere that is happening while killing stuff is definitely not easy mode.  We don't have a large alliance to rely on, we don't have this massive intel network where we see blobs coming miles away and the only way you can really get ambushed is via wormhole.  While lots of the kills we get are the results of stupidity, lots of the kills we get are the results of weeks of patience finally coming together, weeks of having someone watchlisted and waiting for the moment they screw up, weeks of marking their neutral scouting alts, and weeks of watching their behavior.  I can't count how many war targets i've killed that i've waited 3-4 wars and months to finally kill.  Many times if we're out of position to get a kill, we'll just let them them go and get them later, instead of blowing local and making them paranoid.

I think the reason why hisec deccers have gotten such a bad wrap and saying that they're too easy is that we've gotten too good for our own good.  This sounds egotistical and cocky, but I hardly mean it in that context.  My point is that when hisec decs first started out people flew carelessly and most groups were 85-90 efficiency at best.  The core founding member corps of MT were the two 95% efficiency groups in the 0rphanage.  Now that we've refined our tactics and everyone has gotten used to each other, we're at 98% efficiency.  People take a quick glance and their first thought is that something is broken with that system, they don't realize that its the result of groups of people who are all high SP and have flown with each other for years.  As a result, they look and see that they can't kill us and they think that something is wrong with the system.  They're absolutely mad, they're mad because they can't kill us, and we've gotten so good at what we do, that it has the illusion of looking easy and something that doesn't require any skill.  They're mad because the only thing  in their repertoire they have to kill us is the Titan bridge and that's something they can't use in hisec.  They're mad because they don't have the discipline to shut the fuck up and listen to the FC while we have the patience and discipline to not only scout a target for days, but to also to let small ships go through in order to create the illusion that the target is safe.

My biggest complaint about when I was in nullsec is that people had no patience or discipline.  People were unwilling to let a Rupture go and as a result would cause our gang to be made in the enemy intel channel and causing that faction battleship to decide to make his trip down the pipe later that day. Their only response is that somehow the kills we get are too easy and this needs to be nerfed.  Even if you make our kills harder to get, its not going to make us any easier to kill, and I think thats what people forget.