Tuesday, March 6, 2012

War decs as an ISK sink

With CCP Diagoras twittering all kinds of random stats, I wonder the amount that war decs represent as an ISK sink.  Anyone wanna ask him  for me? :)  I know that as an alliance, Moar Tears spends anywhere from 1.5-2.5b a week to put in war decs and when we were in 0rphanage it was about the same.  Over time this is not an insignificant chunk.

War decs, like skillbook sales, represent one of the few "true" ISK sinks in the game.  As I learned from a corpmate the other day, blowing up ships does not actually count as an ISK sink, and actually generates ISK through insurance payments and salvage.  Even though the ship and modules are destroyed, the ISK paid to the miners for the ship still remains in the game.  Neat.

tldr:  Am I the only one that absolutely hates Hans Jaegerblitzen's character portrait?  

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