Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wandering thoughts

Man..can you imagine the fires if Mittani had been perma-banned?  With the 30 day slap on the wrist ban, it makes me feel like CCP did it as a way of giving Goon tempers somewhat of a cooldown timer versus if they gave him no ban and preventing the world from exploding if they had perma-banned him.

I think with Mittani being off the CSM, we're going to see a lot more of traditional goon behavior than we have in the past, which is ironic because I was just explaining to someone who recently rejoined the game how TEST is probably closer to original goons are to themselves now that that they've matured as players somewhat.

Not gonna lie, i'm a little sad the Jita interdiction has been pushed back a month.

Also, regarding Mittani's cyberbullying, I recently was pondering a devil's advocate situation.  The issue was that he promoted harassment of a player with known mental instability who was going through a rough time in his life and he advocated that players push him to suicide.  This is a fairly black and white issue, but what about the situations where so-called "white knights" serve to create a positive environment for someone with the same life issues and mental instability as Wiz, thus allowing them to further immerse themselves the game as an escape from reality, while their real life situation falls apart even more.

In my past EVE experiences, i've had directors of corps i've been in become so addicted and buried in the game that they neglected their families, their kids, eventually got divorced, until they're left with nothing but a laptop and a coffee shop internet connection, still logging on.  These people are no less stable than Mister Wiz, and while its probably more difficult to demonize an enabler than someone who is antagonistic, I think the overall thing we need to remember is personal choice.

Obviously Mittani made a bad choice and has to face the consequences, but at the same time, I think people need to be held accountable for their actions as well to some degree.  I understand that life gets difficult at times and while we need to show compassion towards people going through a rough patch, we need to remember that just because we choose to give someone a break, doesn't mean that we are entitled to expect everyone else to and look down on those that do not.  It also means that we need to be responsible to others and not for others, help them without being an enabler.

Wearing your issues on your sleeve and being an asshat when you don't get your way because you're 'special can be just as bad as the person who pushes your buttons in the first place.

I think the biggest problem with the EVE playerbase is that they try to see peoples in-game actions and the responses they have upon the players they interact with in a black and white fashion, when the true reason EVE seperates itself from other MMOs is it's ability to draw out all the shades of grey in between.

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