Friday, March 2, 2012

Downtime = Deathtime

Myth:  Doing logistics before and after downtime is less risky because there aren't as many people logged onto the server.

Reality: Doing logistics around downtime is no safer than any other time and has more to do with what time zone the people in your area are located in.  There aren't as many carebears logged in, true.  You're less likely to get caught by roaming blobs as well, but PVPers wait until the server goes down and are often the first ones to log back in after the servers go up...why?  Because people think that downtime = safetime.


  1. What about mid-afternoon USTZ? Most of the euros have gone to bed, and most of the Murricans are still at work or school...provided of course you're a euro who can stay up late, or a Murrican who works a late or really early shift. ;-)

  2. Thats a pretty low-activity TZ from the perspective of trying to get fleet fights, but in my experience while it may not be peak hours, theres always the handful of Euros wanting to stay up a few more hours to get that juicy kill...or US guy that works from home. In my experience, super late US TZ/Aussie primetime is probably the most dead, maybe 2-3 hrs before downtime.