Monday, March 12, 2012

Shift from sanity

I'm noticing a trend towards people wanting more structured and safe gameplay.  A lot of people seem to want highsec to be made safer and less risk averse, war interdiction..bla bla bla  A lot of people seem to be fine with the sec status nerf because pirates need repercussions and it shouldn't be made too easy to sec back up, when in reality it was never easy and people are complaining that it was made harder.

A lot of people have forgotten the game they're playing.

Now before I say lrn2hellokitty or tell people to HTFU, I just want to point out that a lot of people are looking at this the wrong way.  It has nothing to do with the fact that certain styles of gameplay may or may not share the level of risk/reward and everything to do with the sandbox.  I understand that you're upset that you lost your CNR, that you spent 2 weeks to save up and buy, in less than 2 minutes to a canflipper.  I understand the fact that you think that its not "fair" that "risk free" PVP like this is allowed.

But what you don't understand is that when you advocate for these things to be changed, you're not just changing the game of the so-called "griefer" you're changing the game that you play as well.

What sets EVE apart from other games, makes it great, and retains players is the fact that its an unlimited sandbox.  Gameplay is chaotic, unscripted, and non-linear, yet people are slowly pushing for more and more linear gameplay and career path choices in the name of making the game more "user" friendly, when in reality they're just pushing to make it more bland and generic.

A common response when anyone mentions anything is "why don't you just go to nullsec if you want PVP" and I can't eve begin to explain how terrible this statement is.  The beauty of EVE is that if I want to PVP, i'm not limited to just nullsec as a PVP option.  If I want to try lowsec for a bit and decide I don't like it, I can sec back up and move to highsec.  The more you choke off player options for this beautiful game, the closer you become to turning into WoW or every other generic MMO out there.

A few years ago the general player sentiment was that these were the things that made EVE unique, yet for some reason this has begun to change.  Maybe its all the bittervets defending this who unsubbed during the Incarna protests, but whatever it is, unless something changes EVE is on the path to become just another vanilla MMO.


  1. " The more you choke off player options for this beautiful game, the closer you become to turning into WoW or every other generic MMO out there."

    ^^ this.

    Sure, the Bears play a big part in it... but in the end CCP is a for-profit company, out to make, well, profit.
    If they can make moar profits off of turning it into a shitty bland "PvE game with PvP content" like [insert shitty WoW ripoff here], they will.

    After all, EVE is a game where spying, ganking, selling out, etc, all that "evil" shit is supposed to be ok, right? That makes it sadly ironic of us to bitch about CCP selling us out to make a few quick millions, I guess.
    After all, how many MMOs continue successfully and keep sub numbers up, on a sub (vice F2P/MT) model after this long?
    CCP realizes that their cash cow is nearing the end of its milk-providing expectancy, so why not slaughter it and sell it to Alpo to grind into dog food? Gotta make every last cent off of it, ya know. :-/

  2. All we can do is hope that isn't the case. I agree the situation is quite a bit ironic, but at the same time as customers we have every right to.

    While EVE has had steady subscription numbers and has had a much longer lifetime than most MMO's, I have the feeling that with the money making potential that DUST514 and WoD have, they are relying on those to carry the CCP brand into the future with decreasing interest in EVE.

    1. Dust + WoD = obsolescence of EVE <--- steel on target, I think.