Sunday, July 22, 2012

The curse of ships i've never flown before..

So i'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but whenever I fly a new hull that i've never used before there's a very good chance I will die in a horrible fire within 24 hrs of owning it, probably in it's first engagement.  Even if i've flown ships that are similar in it's class or fly similarly, by some unholy combination sheer dumb luck, extreme derpiness, and simply being bad at EVE, I manage to lose it.

Let me go over some of these losses.

I lost my first Legion. I literally owned this ship for less than 4 hours before losing it.  I decided to take it on a test run and camp the Josameto/Poinen pipe.  I made the mistake of playing in expensive toys after a patch day and for some reason my overview on one my alts got completely borked and stopped showing war targets that came through.  This dude came through in a Manticore from Jita once and he didn't appear on my overview so I tweaked some settings and verified it with my other alts who showed him on the way out and figured everything was fixed.  I have my WT tab's settings set to blink with a white background on my alt so its literally impossible for me to miss things coming through if my head is even remotely facing my monitor, even if i'm focused on something else.

Turns out it wasn't fixed.

The Manticore goes back to Jita and in the meantime a friend comes through in a Hurricane, which I engaged.  The Hurricane actually shows up on my alt's overview so i'm pretty sure things are fixed.  He pulled me 60km or so off gate as I beat him down and right when he was about to hit armor a Basilisk in the same corp as him jumped through the other side of the gate and started repping.  I made it maybe 15km away from the gate before I went down.  Had the Basi shown up on my alt's overview, I would have never gotten myself in that position, but it didn't, and thus a terrible trend started.

This loss happened when I was fighting on the R3-/Misaba regional gate.  This was my first ever Purifier and  I had owned it for maybe 2 hours before I lost it.  We were fighting a single Stabber Fleet issue with a few other bombers and a Recon.  Needless to say the SFI was damped and tracking disrupted to hell and back, and the situation was more or less under control.  I have a lot of seat time flying torp bombers, so I always fight pre-aligned and ready to cloak before I get targeted if the situation turns bad.  In fact, i'm probably one of the most cautious risk averse faggot stealth bomber pilots you'll ever meet.

Not this time.

A second SFI jumped in and literally decloaked 1,800m from me on a freaking regional gate.  Before my brain could process the information, I was locked, scrammed, and dead.

I owned this Lachesis for literally an hour before it died.  This was during the Burn/Save Jita event on the last day during pretty much the last organized fleet.  I had fleeted up with -A- and was on their comms in fleet with them for maybe 30 minutes when we warp to the back of Jita 4-4 from the Perimeter gate at zero.  As we're coming out of warp about to land, my Internet shuts off because my roomate had forgotten to pay the internet bill.  I checked eve-kill on my phone and was sad.

I had this little badboy for less than 30 minutes.  Was excited about my first ever Coercer so I decided to take it out for a spin.  I try to always fly scouted and this time was no different.  I'm also extremely cautious about timing and spacing of where my alt is because the last thing you want is to jump your alt through a gate and then make a long warp across a system only to find yourself landing with wartargets.

Thats pretty much what happened here.

Since there was an enemy fleet around, I decided to be super careful.  I jumped my alt through the other side of the gate to scout myself, the system was empty.  I jumped my alt back through and smashed d-scan which was clear.  We had just joined FW so I didn't have a proper set of on-grid gate safespots so my main was in a relatively close safespot, like 2-3 AU away from the gate and I initiated warp.  As my ship was coming out of it's warp tunnel and the gate grid had loaded, there was a 10 or so small gang of Dessies and Interceptors that was landing on the gate I was about to land on myself.  Managed to burn back to the gate once, but they were smart and held aggro on the other side so I pretty much died in a fire.

I bought and lost my first Pilgrim today.  Owned it for maybe 10 hours.  Decided to go on a vacation to Caldari space to kill some Minmatar farming alts.  Landed on a Major plex and went in to kill a Buzzard, who had high enough standings, the rats weren't shooting him.  I think to myself, "Ok, I can ninja a Buzzard before the rats take me down..." I manage to get point on him and align to a celestial behind the button, my drones are chewing through him, and my EVE client freezes.  It unfreezes in time for the insurance notification to pop up and then promptly freezes again.  Note to self: If you're playing EVE on a shitty laptop and trying to PVP, you probably shouldn't also be running a blu-ray rip in the background.  Oddly enough, this loss didn't generate a killmail.

tl:dr To quote a recent post on the Fweddit subreddit, "I am bad at EVE, but I don't feel bad."  Though, if you die to me, this probably means you should feel bad yourself.


  1. I have a personal rule that if I buy a shiny it sits in the hangar for 24 hours before I can fly it.


  2. this is why i stick to t1 hulls. cuts down the costs :)

    1. ^^ Exactly. If I fly T2, it's a frigate. ;-)

  3. the unlucky is strong with this one

  4. Some ships I really want to love and be good with but fail with too often. I can't explain why.

    Myrmidon: Almost guaranteed everytime I take one out solo the first gate will have a huge camp. Or I will do something stupid while managing the armor reppers and die without a kill. I really love some of the fits but I can't get them to work well.

    Same goes for the daredevil and dramiel (yes even pre nerf I was terrible with it)

    But anyway you know there is a flip side. Ships that work really well for me and I can't explain why. One would be the shield rutpure.