Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A passing thought

If you complain about Falcons ruining a small gang fight and everyone in your gang is packing a full flight of ECM drones, sorry but you're a hypocrite.

That is all.


  1. I have to disagree here. ECM drones are a bit over powered but they are easier to kill than a falcon.

    They have very few hit points and I tend to keep ewar drones on one of my small scale pvp overviews. When you see them its usually worth it to pop a few.

    Plus even if they get a jam or two during a fight you might still win. But a falcon or other ecm boat almost always just ends the fight. (even a multispec giffin gets over 80% at jamming a drake)

    I tend to use ecm drones often as an offense mod as much as a defense. I pretty much always fit them on my thorax. That way if a scram frigate gets under my guns I can usually get a jam, pulse the mwd, and reduce the transversal.

    I'm not a hypocrit because, if I know someone packs ecm drones I will usually still fight them. But if I see they are running with a falcon or other ecm ship they will get no fight from me.

    Nothing says "I don't really want to fight" like bringing an ecm ship.

    That said I don't mind ecm ships as a decent counter to logistics and generally I don't mind them if the fight is large enough.


  2. Complete disagreement.

    Everyone always packs drones if they can, and almost always it's ECM drones or warriors/hobs. If you want to get unjammed OR take out some DPS, cycle a smartbomb a few times and no more jams/less DPS. ECCM helps too, but it's not as good, plus smartbombs can be used for additional close range damage of just enough to help you win maybe.

    Falcon on the other hand, decloaks, jams you forever, or in the case of a gang, perma jams 2-3 guys, making your gang less by 2-3 by the fact they have one falcon. That's 200-300% efficiency, and what other weapon system + ship combo has that? It can still be countered, but 1 falcon is far more powerful than several flights of ECM drones, and it can't be easily dealt with like drones can.

    It's not even about goodfights, honor, or blobbing, etc. It's just plainly and outrightly far more unbalanced than ECM drones by any stick you measure with.

    And all this brings me to another point: If everyone always brings drones, why isn't everyone flying with a smartbomb to kill off drones? Why is the standard nano cane still using double neuts in a small gang when it's far better with a medium smartbomb and 1 medium neut? I've tested it several times myself, and it really is better in almost every case to have that smartbomb instead of that second neut, even moreso in a gang composition where neuts won't make as big of an impact vs solo.

  3. I see your point, raise you another: why doesn't CCP buff the other EWAR drones to be as useful an option as a DPS drone or ECM one?