Thursday, September 27, 2012

The best FW fix evar!

Onto the fun idea part.  While there's no way that a feature this complex could ever make it onto the Winter patch, here goes anyways.

The LP farming element of FW is something that will always exist as long as its extremely profitable and a PVE mechanic.  As much as we want it to not be this, it will be this.  So lets run with it.

  • System ownership is given to individual alliances or corporations.
  • Having ownership means that you can set an LP tax for all the plexes run in that system with varying tax rates, similar to POCOs.
  • A total reverse of what we have now.  You only recieve LP for plexing in a system friendly to your own militia.
  • Running a plex of the opposing militia, gives your alliance/corp VP which is how you take over a system.
  • Once the total VP reaches a certain point, the ihub becomes vulnerable and the system is rewarded to whoever got the most VP total.
  • Defensive plexing removes VP, starting with the oldest VP and whoever it was tied to first.
  • Defensive plexing can only be done by the group that owns the system and gives a limited payout.
  • Tier rewards are tied into constellation control.  For a 5 system constellation, I need to own and upgrade all to 5, to unlock Tier 5.
  • The tier rewards for each constellation are independent.  If I own all 5 systems in constellation A, but only 3 in constellation B, then constellation A will give tier 5 LP payouts and B will give tier 3 payouts.
  • Each constellation has a mission hub system which is unlocked based on tier control and can also be taxed.
  • Only corps and alliances can take part in this.
What this does is create a sense of system ownership.  It incentivizes people not being in a NPC corp.  You have a real reason to defend and attack systems other than staging ones as well as ways to provoke fights.  Just because your militia holds less space doesn't mean you can't carve out a niche that is worthwhile.  It also spreads people out and makes the entire warzone worth living and being in.  More people have a reason to move into lowsec.

Suddenly you have a situation where people are invested in defending their plexes and fighting over them. If one side has tons of farmers, nobody cares because they're not shaping the warzone.  Meanwhile, the losing side actually gets more targets.  The amount of space you hold is directly related to how much you can defend.

Other than the fact that its fairly complex and probably will never be a reality, I think it has a lot of positives.  What are your thoughts?  Would it at least be a positive direction?

EDIT: I want to clarify that this is just a random post that formed while writing another post.  It no doubt has a lot of holes in terms of being anything remotely resembling a fleshed out idea and i'm not necessarily proposing that this is a direction that would be good for the Winter, but the idea of creating lowsec slum lording is an interesting vision for lowsec.  Similar to what the Molden Heath pirates have done with their POCO cartel, but with in-game mechanics.



  2. Do you even lift, Brah?

  3. Nice third set Brah

  4. That's a awful idea. What happens if I get control over a large part of the map, set the tax to 99% just to troll my own side then actually have a huge supercap fleet to dickslap anyone that tries to take it