Friday, August 17, 2012

You only live once (no regrets)

Today the YOLO Coalition was officially formed.  For those that don't know YOLO is short for the phrase "You only live once" some cheesy catchphrase used by maybe hipsters or rappers, i'm not really sure.  Either way, the YOLO Coalition currently consists of Fweddit and Moar Tears, although a few other groups have been invited.  Also, our merry band is not an elitist one, so if you're a group thats interested in joining and haven't been already asked, feel free to shoot me a mail, which you should probably do since we really haven't asked any other groups to join because we're bad at EVE.

Within the next 48 hours, Moar Tears will be pulling out of the Amarr militia.  Fweddit will be out after next downtime.  I fully expect to read Minmatar blog posts about how they won the warzone and we're demoralized or some similar nonsense.  The simple truth of the matter is, we're bored.  With Nulli pulling out the only real change to the Amarr's fortunes was that most of us finally got to cash out.  Unfortunately, this also means that the stagnation is likely to be a constant warzone feature on the Amarr/Minmatar front unless Winter introduces drastic changes.

For those that need a refresher, the Amarr pretty much were forced to stop worrying about warzone control, since there is no incentive to hit lower tiers and recent history has shown that we can hit higher tiers without a nullsec alliance joining.  This means focusing on the PVP side of things, which for the Amarr US TZ means only really having Late Night Alliance, whom we tend to outnumber heavily during, to shoot at.  I'm not saying that they're not worthy opponents, the issue basically stems from the fact that they're not stupid, so only about half the nights they actually have enough guys to put together a fleet to fight us, the other nights, they stay docked and we stay bored since we don't really have anyone to shoot at.  Also, a lot of our guys would like to be able to roam and/or shoot people other than the same 10-15 dudes every night.  Since there's nothing meaningful we can do with warzone control, members of our coalition have been growing more and more bored until they stop logging in altogether.  This is obviously a problem that needed a solution.

So we formed the most badass coalition in the history of coalitions and are going to fuck shit up somewhere else. I believe a wise reddit philosopher once said, "this can only end well".  No regrets.

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  1. But if you move and massively outnumber your next opponent, they'll stay docked too. Are the Gallente that more numerous than the Minmatar?

    I'm not really sure how things are going to change for y'all.

    1. We have more roaming options in Caldari space in terms of nullsec options, and a map geography that promotes roaming significantly more.

  2. How come I couldn't find any Fweddit to shoot during the US TZ even though they massively outnumbered us?

    1. Maybe because it was already at a point where people had gotten bored and stopped logging on? I have no idea, i'm not Fweddit.