Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last week of wars

14 active wars.  Thanks to all the guys who chipped in.  Apparently they nerfed Incursions pretty hard, so I might consider hunting some mission runners down like the good old days if I get the time.  I'm definitely going to keep my blog going, but I haven't decided yet if I want to discuss all the tactics we used to use to kill people in highsec or not, despite the fact that we'll be done with them.

Even though a lot of people reading this blog might be thinking "killing people in empire is easy and it takes no skill" the truth is the actual depth of the tactics that we use to hunt and kill people is much more advanced than they realize.  Let me know in comments if you would be interested in me writing about such things.


  1. Fuck yeah. Write about that stuff.

  2. Well, let's face it, unless you're in "the club" -- yes we ALL know bout "neut-scout-alts" and "neut-RR" ... but as for the real secrets, the "tricks of the trade", well, let's hear em.
    Looks like hisec war is gonna go belly-up pretty much with Inferno so... maybe give it a grace period, THEN write about it?

    Personally, while Incursions got a nerf, FW is getting a huge buff. Might give FW 2.0 a try, since Carebear 2.0 means they're gonna be safer and safer from your 'ebil PvPs'.

  3. Yes, please.

    Having PvPed in both null and empire I agree that HS PvP is more interesting than a lot of null dwellers think. There are different rules, different tactics, different risks involved. It's just a different game, not a lesser one. It was a HS war dec that originally got me into PvP, so I am disappointed at the path CCP are taking with Inferno. I hope it doesn't turn out as badly as I expect it to.