Wednesday, February 22, 2012

But a YF-12? These things are dangerous..

Lovelocke > gf highsec faggots
Pinky Feldman > let me guess, come to nullsec for real mans PVP?
Lovelocke > just you're a faggot thats all

Moar Tears and other highsec PVP groups repeatedly get called "highsec n00bz" among other things, and repeatedly get invited to nullsec for 'elite' PVP.  Even though we generally massacre everything we come across, people still seem to write us off as being terrible PVPers with no actual skills.  I wonder if we signed up for and completed several Agony Unleashed courses as an alliance if that would get us respect from the nullsec EVE community, maybe if we joined EVE uni people would take us more seriously.

But seriously, back to reality, today was fairly slow.  This week for some reason we share several decs with Privs and 0rphange.  For example, AAA Citizens and TEST are both decced by all three of us and i'm sure this is part of the reason things have been so slow.  Still, I managed to kill a Tempest and a Drake that came down the pipe.  The Tempest almost got away, but luckily panic and pilot error on the Tempest pilot's side allowed us to get the kill.  Caius and I, initially caught him on the Niarja gate in Kaaputenan with me in a Talos and Caius in a Proteus.  Since it was a regional gate only I was in point range upon decloak and without a web he was able to burn back to the gate.  Caius held aggro and jumped in after him but unfortunately he spawned on the other side of the gate so we were forced to watch him warp the zero.  Normally, this story would end in the Tempest warping off as our own Proteus landed, except for an unknown reason the Tempest pilot stayed there only to get quickly melted while the rest of our gang landed.

And oh look, a YF-12!!  Seriously though, war targets just get more and more confusing these days.  Out of all of his possible options he picked almost the worst one.  If he had warped to any of the out gates other than the sun he would have lived, if he had bounced safes he would have lived, if he would have warped to any celestial cluster other than the sun he might have lived, if he had logged off he would have lived...but he didn't, and he died.


In other news, i'm loving the Talos as my first Gallente combat ship.  Blasters just dish out the pain and the shield fit i've been using seems to negate any "issues" of getting into blaster range with its insane agility and top speed.  As much as I love T3's for highsec gate work, I'm quickly falling in love with Tier 3 BCs.

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  1. Truthfully tier-3s are the shit. Not just "the shit", but "the fucking shit".
    I am a bit put off by their speed though. I went on a lolsex roam with CAS Combat Group last week and we encountered a Nado set up just off a gate. I burned after him in my MWD Stabber and could NOT catch the fucker. He was actually very slowly opening the distance, too. That one, I have to classify as an "oRLY?!"
    Outrunning an MWD cruiser that specifically gets a speed bonus as part of its racial cruiser skills? Yeeaaaahhhh.... that's a lil too fast.

    I have yet to try the's never in "approved fits" for roams/CTAs because "lolGallentesux!", though I suppose there's nothing saying I can't buy one on my own dime and fly it around solo or with CCG (preferably in a group with tackle and/or logis).

    Also, just a note, but not everyone from nullsec is a "l337 PvPer", though they'd love for you to THINK that so as to discourage wardecs, etc. ;-) Truthfully the ones who run between Jita/Amarr and the null regions are usually the "nullbear" types who are differentiated from "carebears" by the fact that they live in null and dock or safe/cloak up every time a neut enters the system. ;-)